GEEZER BUTLER – “I’m Working On A New GZR Album And A Book Of Memoirs”

Legendary bassist GEEZER BUTLER (BLACK SABBATH, HEAVEN HELL), accompanied by Wendy Dio – wife and manager of metal legend and Heaven Hellbandmate RONNIE JAMES DIO – spoke with Horns Up Rocks! at the third annual Revolver Golden Gods on April 20 in downtown Los Angeles, California. Butler discusses his future plans in the short clip below.

Back in February,  Butler has just laid to rest any possibility that the original Black Sabbath – also featuring singer OZZY OSBOURNE, guitarist TONY IOMMI and drummer BILL WARD – will reunite for an album and tour.

Geezer Butler

His brief statement reads as follows:

“I would like to make it clear, because of mounting speculation and rumours, that there will be definitely NO reunion of all four original members of Black Sabbath, whether to record an album or to tour.”

In late January, Ozzy had told ABC News Radio that he, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward “are in the talking process” regarding a BLACK SABBATH reunion, and even a new album.

Osbourne stressed, however, that nothing is definite yet, in part because of the pressure the four of them will face if they make a new record. He said, “the problem that we have is that if we do an album and it’s anything less than where we left off, it’s gonna be a big anti-climax.”