GENE HOGLAN Fills In For ANTHRAX’s CHARLIE BENANTE In Mexico; Video Available

Extreme-metal drumming legend Gene “The Atomic Clock” Hoglan (DETHKLOK, FEAR FACTORY, TESTAMENT, DEATH, DARK ANGEL, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD) filled in for Charlie Benante at ANTHRAX‘s two shows in Mexico earlier this week — Tuesday, April 17 at Auditorio Banamex in Monterrey and Wednesday, April 18 at José Cuervo Salón in Mexico City.

Commented Hoglan: “I had a great time helping out my pals in ANTHRAX over the weekend. Hey, wait a minute, it was a Tuesday and Wednesday, Gene. Ah, well, it seems like every day’s a weekend here at Hoge Central, I guess. Either way, the two shows in Mexico, in Monterrey and Mexico City, were ¡muy fantastìco! The crowds were great, singing along with everything, and they made the band feel so welcome, and a truly awesome time, I believe, was had by all. I know I had one.

“I was happy to help out my bro Charlie, who had an obligation where he just couldn’t make these two shows. He’s already rejoined them and is there for the rest of their South American run. And I’ll be seeing them and all the crazed Chilean fans next week in Santiago when TESTAMENT goes down to play alongside them, VENOM, FEAR FACTORY, EXODUS, OBITUARY and FORBIDDEN (and many other killer acts) at the Metal Fest. I’m really looking forward to that one!

“Jeez, a gathering of at least four bands I’ve enjoyed playing for. Man, am I that much of a ho’? I guess there’s a reason I’m named Ho’glan. I never thought o’ that before.

“Anyway, thanks ANTHRAX, and thanks Charlie, for the call! We gotta have that RUSH jam soon, my man (did you know that Charlie can play like, EVERY RUSH song on guitar? Awesome!)! Oh, and thanks to Jason Bittner for hittin’ the bells in ‘In The End’ for me! Nice work, bro!”

Hoglan pulled double duty on the TESTAMENT/ANTHRAX/DEATH ANGEL tour February, filling in for Benante while also doing a full set with TESTAMENT. The ANTHRAX drummer had to take a short leave from the tour to be with his mother who was terminally ill. On February 4, Benante informed fans via his official web site that his mother passed away.