GHOST: ‘Hard Rock Is About Who Has The Biggest Dick’

More sex and Satan in tonight’s “Rock Show” on Killer Bunny TV from 6 p.m. CET.

Mainly because the nameless ghoul from GHOST, who haunted last week’s show with tales of assorted debauchery, features as the subject of “Rock Show”‘s main interview tonight. It’s going to get dirtier.

The fiendish-looking friar will peel off additional layers to reveal more of himself and his band tonight. “Us being faceless and dressing apart from standard couture was a way for everyone to be able to connect with the concept,” the anonymous ghoul offers. “Being from a metal background, we know that it’s all about looking the part — the choice of shoes you wear, for some bands, proves the value of the song. It’s just a dick-measuring competition. Hard rock is about who has the biggest dick and pop music is about who’s got the smallest. I guess we’re pretty average. But in order to have a big dick, you have to have it mentally…”

GHOST on “Rock Show” (audio preview):


In line with the theme of the show and to get you ready for the festival season, enter the “Rock Show” competition and win condoms and femidoms. Plus, news and music by more of those weird and wonderful bands from the cold North — OPETH, IHSAHN and ARCTURUS.

Tune in and throw up, tonight from 6 p.m. CET on Killer Bunny TV.

Created and hosted by producer Patrizia Mazzuoccolo (formerly of the “Tinitus” show, which aired on Norwegian national radio NRK P3), “The Rock Show” is a back-to-basic production that focuses on diversity, substance and alternative content.

Photo credit: Stephanie Cabral