GHOST SHIP OCTAVIUS: ‘Saturn And Skies’ Video Released

GHOST SHIP OCTAVIUS: 'Saturn And Skies' Video Released“Saturn And Skies”, the first video from GHOST SHIP OCTAVIUS, the new band featuring Matt Wicklund (guitar; ex-GOD FORBID, HIMSA, WARREL DANE) and Van Williams (drums; ASHES OF ARES, PURE SWEET HELL, ex-NEVERMORE), can be seen below. The group states: “We are very excited about the music we are putting together.”

Guitarist Christopher Amott (ARMAGEDDON, ex-ARCH ENEMY) recently announced his departure from GHOST SHIP OCTAVIUS in order to focus entirely on making a new ARMAGEDDON album.

GHOST SHIP OCTAVIUS‘ vocals are performed by 17-year-old Adon Fanion, whose style, character and lyrics are said to “extend far beyond his years.”

GHOST SHIP OCTAVIUS is seeking a suitable record company to release the band’s debut album, for which 13 songs have already been written, including “Released”, “Alive”, “Successor”, “Find The Light” and “Caged Love”.