GHOST: ‘We Are Never Ever Ever Ever Gonna Call Ourselves GHOST B.C.’

Italy’s recently conducted an interview with one of the nameless ghouls from the mysterious Swedish buzz band GHOST. You can now listen to the chat below.

On being called GHOST B.C. in America for legal reasons:

“B.C. is obviously a pun on ‘Before Christ’, but it’s just an amendment. In our world, we’re just gonna be called GHOST, and when we refer to our records, it’s gonna be the Scandinavian version, saying GHOST only, and we are never ever ever ever ever ever gonna call ourselves GHOST B.C. in any way. It’s like saying ‘I’m going out and buy a Ferrari STE’ — you don’t do that, you just say, ‘I’m gonna buy a Ferrari.’ The B.C. is silent, and as soon as we can, it’s gonna be taken away forever.”

On GHOST‘s touring plans:

“I know that some people complain about us not playing with other doom bands, but that’s because we don’t look at ourselves as a doom-only band. We are not looking to be just
a band that plays doom festivals, because we are not only a doom band. We love a lot of doom — a lot of our music style comes from CANDLEMASS, ST. VITUS and PENTAGRAM and DEATH SS or bands like that — but we cannot choose just to play with bands like that, because our agenda is to become a band that has a huge production, a big-theater band, and if we wanna become a big-theater band, we cannot limit ourselves to play 200-capacity clubs — that would be suicide. We could not achieve our goals that way. In that sense, we are lucky to be able to now play with bands like METALLICA, IRON MAIDEN and MASTODON, a lot of bands that we do like and that we feel we have very much in common with.”