GILBY CLARKE: ‘Chinese Democracy’ Is A Great Record, But Not Something I Would Buy and conducted an interview with former GUNS N’ ROSES and ROCKSTAR SUPERNOVA guitarist Gilby Clarke prior to his February 11 solo concert at L’Empreinte, Savigny Le Temple, France. The 17-minute clip, which includes performance footage, can be seen below.

When asked for his opinion of “Chinese Democracy”, the 2008 album released by the current edition of GUNS N’ ROSES after a 15-year wait, Gilby said, “I think it’s a really good record — I honestly do. I think it’s a great record. Knowing what I know about Axl [Rose, GUNS N’ ROSES lead singer and sole remaining original member] and knowing what I know what direction he wanted to take the band, I think he fucking hit the nail on the head; I think he did a great job. Now, with that being said, is it the kind of music and the kind of records I would buy? No, it’s not. Like I said, that’s not saying it’s not good, or it’s bad, or whatever… It’s just… there’s a lot going on on the record. And look, the musicians are terrific. I thought they did a great job as far as creativity and everybody contributing to the record; I though they did a great job. But I still, to this day, I listen to THE BEATLES, I listen to THE [ROLLING] STONES. I mean, look, I like THE BLACK KEYS, I like THE STROKES… It’s not to say I don’t like new music, I just… I’ve always liked bluesier stuff. And that is always what I loved about GUNS N’ ROSES — it has a blues and it had a punk edge to it. What’s strange is when I got drawn into GUNS N’ ROSES, I got drawn into GUNS N’ ROSES ’cause of Slash‘s guitar playing — not really because of Axl. Not to say… Axl is, in my opinion, still the greatest frontman ever, but it was the guitar playing and the sound that drew me to the band.”

Clarke, 49, is best known for a three-year tenure as the rhythm guitarist of GUNS N’ ROSES. He joined the band in November 1991, replacing Izzy Stradlin, who quit the group in the middle of a 28-month world tour. Gilby has also played with ROCKSTAR SUPERNOVA, HEART, NANCY SINATRA, Kathy Valentine (of THE GO-GO’S) and the reformed MC5 on their 2005 European tour.

Clarke has produced a number of artists, including L.A. GUNS, BULLETS AND OCTANE, THE BRONX, GIRLSPLAYBOYS, VAINS OF JENNA and LADYJACK.



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