Former THE RUNAWAYS vocalist Cherie Currie has revealed via her Facebook page that she spent time in the studio last week with Glenn Danzig recording a duet for his new album, due out this fall. “Great guy,” she wrote.

Danzig is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on the as-yet-untitled covers record.

A song from the CD, “Devil’s Angels”, was recently premiered the former SAMHAIN and MISFITS frontman’s official web site. It was originaly the theme song for the late ’60s biker film of the same title.

Commented Glenn: “I’ve wanted to record this song since 1979 and this is exactly the same arrangement I had for it back then, so it pretty much sounds like that late ’70s style of mine. I’m really happy with the way it turned out; it actually came out much better than I had hoped it would. We’re going to be playing it live on these upcoming shows.”

In a 2011 interview, Danzig stated about his upcoming collection of covers, “It’s [got] lots of different stuff [on it]. Of course there’s an Elvis [Presley] song on there, there’s a BLACK SABBATH cover… Then I took some old biker-movie theme songs and made them all old punk-sounding or whatever… Just fucking around, really — just having a good time taking songs and giving them a different life or a different dimension. I just do what I feel like doing, as long as I don’t just cover it, because that’s boring to me. I wanna take it and change it and give it some other kind of thing. Otherwise just leave it alone.”

Photo below courtesy of Cherie Currie‘s Facebook page


(Thanks: Bob Suehs of Rock N Roll Experience)

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