GLENN DANZIG Says Altercation With NORTH SIDE KINGS Frontman Was ‘A Setup’

Danielle Bacher of LA Weekly recently conducted an interview with Glenn Danzig. An excerpt from the chat follows below.

LA Weekly: You were punched in the face by NORTH SIDE KINGS singer Danny Marianinho after a gig in 2004. What led to this altercation?

Glenn: That was him trying to get me on camera punching him so he could sue me or some shit. I forget what it was. When everyone was breaking it up, he coldcocked me. What are you going to do?

LA Weekly: So he had planned to hit you?

Glenn: Yeah, those were his guys with the camera. No one knows that. Well, back then they did. It was a setup.

LA Weekly: Did it hurt?

Glenn: No. [Laughs].

LA Weekly: You had a pretty crazy stalker incident on Halloween a few years ago. Have there been any other incidents when you have felt threatened by a “fan?”

Glenn: Well, that was kind of weird — the entire LA Weekly thing. It was blown out of proportion. I always have crazy people that I have to deal with, you know? I don’t even know if these people are fans. They are just weird, disassociated people.

LA Weekly: Is that not what happened?

Glenn: No, it was all a miscommunication. It was an amalgam of a bunch of different things made into one incident.

LA Weekly: Did you actually find photos of your head pasted onto naked bodies in porno magazines in the stalker’s backpack?

Glenn: No, that did not happen. The pictures were of naked people and he would cross their faces out.

LA Weekly: Did he write in his diary that he was going to kill you?

Glenn: Well, one of them, yes. He didn’t say he was going to kill us. I forget what he was calling it. It wasn’t just me. It was David Byrne and all these different people.

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