GLENN DANZIG Vs. Photographer At ‘Bonnaroo Music And Arts Festival’

Glenn Danzig reportedly took issue with Michael W. Bunch of, who violated the “no photo, no video” rule imposed upon photographers during Glenn‘s “Danzig Legacy” set at this past weekend’s Bonnaroo Music And Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. According to a posting on the site, Bunch “was photographing some people in the crowd dancing” during DANZIG‘s performance, when Danzig “ran [mid-song] to the side the of the stage pointing and screaming before approaching security and then proceeded to run all the way past the side stage, almost into the crowd. Security soon slowed his roll, and Danzig returned to stage after a matter of minutes.” Bunch reportedly said afterwards that he was certain “Danzig was going to kick [his] ass.”

Glenn Danzig‘s “Legacy” career-spanning set features songs from DANZIG, SAMHAIN and MISFITS. In addition, he is playing DANZIG shows where he is joined by ex-MISFITS axeman Doyle Von Frankenstein as a “special guest.”

A “Danzig Legacy” TV special was filmed on May 29 in Glendale, California with director Mark Brooks (Adult Swim‘s “Metalocalypse”).

Glenn Danzig is streaming the track “Devil’s Angels” on his official web site. It was originaly the theme song for the late ’60’s biker film of the same title.

DANZIG is putting the finishing touches on the as-yet-untitled covers record for a late summer/early fall release.