GLENN DANZIG’s Duet With CHERIE CURRIE Available For Streaming


DANZIG‘s cover version of the the classic Lee Hazelwood/Nancy Sinatra song “Some Velvet Morning”, featuring a guest appearance by Cherie Currie (THE RUNAWAYS), can be streamed at The track will appear on Danzig‘s upcoming covers album, which will also include Glenn‘s renditions of classic songs from BLACK SABBATH, ELVIS PRESLEY and ZZ TOP, among others.

In a recent interview with Full Metal Jackie, Glenn stated about the bands he is covering on the album: “Elvis, of course, I heard when I was a kid and SABBATH when I was a young teenager, but the ZZ TOP song is a song I heard later on because it’s a song that no one would ever think I would cover, because it’s not one of their earlier songs. It’s a song I always liked and thought that they didn’t do a good job with. I mean, it’s terrible to say that but… it’s a really good song and so I wanted to cover it and give it the respect it deserved. Maybe they didn’t think about it the way I did, maybe when they were doing it they had a certain thing in mind. My idea of covers is that you should never cover a song and do it exactly like the artist because everyone’s always going to compare it to the way the original artists did it and they’re just going to go, ‘Oh, I like the original better.’ I wanted to make it my own and take it in a different direction, maybe a different direction they didn’t really think of at the time or would never think of, because I have a much different background than they do. There’s a ton of other cool covers on there. I did a lot of covers people wouldn’t think I would do, like ‘Biker’ soundtrack theme song that I made crazy. There’s a Lee Hazlewood/Nancy Sinatra cover on there and I had Cherie Currie come down and sing the Nancy Sinatra part. She’s really cool and has a great voice and it was just awesome and I wanted to keep that cool, older, ’70s vibe because the MISFITS came on the tail end of the ’70s and I wanted to keep that vibe. The managers and lots of other people suggested the new alternative girls and I was, like, ‘That’s not what I want and here’s who I’m thinking of,’ and they were like ‘What?’ and it’s fantastic; she did such a great job.”

Photo above courtesy of Cherie Currie‘s Facebook page

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