GLENN HUGHES And DAVID COVERDALE To Commemorate 40th Anniversary Of DEEP PURPLE’s ‘Burn’?

Former DEEP PURPLE bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes tells CBS Local that he has been in touch with the band’s ex-lead singer, David Coverdale, about doing something special to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the “Burn” album. He says, “David and I have talked about this weekly since [former DEEP PURPLE keyboardist] Jon [Lord] died [in July]. How we can do something to keep the flame burning. But we don’t want to hinder the heritage of the band. Some bands get back together and sound bloody awful. It’s the 40th anniversary of ‘Burn’ next year. I’m not giving you a hint to something that’s gonna happen, but you just never know.”

According to Hughes, he and Coverdale made an attempt several years ago to reunite with their DEEP PURPLE bandmates Jon Lord, Ian Paice (drums), Ritchie Blackmore (guitar), but the roadblock was the band’s famously mercurial guitarist. “Jon, David and I were trying to get it together,” Hughes said. “[but] we couldn’t get ahold of him. We sent carrier pigeons, and the Pony Express. But nobody at ‘Castle Blackmore’ answered the door. It wasn’t meant to be.”

Lord told U.K.’s Classic Rock magazine in 2010 that he couldn’t ever see a reunion of PURPLE‘s Mk. III lineup.

“I think it’s a dream too far,” Lord said. “I know a lot of people would like it to happen, but it would have to have Ian Paice involved, and right now he’s committed to the current PURPLE lineup. And I know they are planning a new studio album, as well as more touring.”

He added, “I got an email from David recently, and it seems Glenn and Ritchie might be into it, although I don’t know how Glenn feels now, with BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION happening.

“Yes, I would love to play with Ritchie again, but don’t read anything into that as far as Mk. III is concerned.

“I must admit I’d also have a concern or two about David‘s voice.”

Coverdale and Hughes joined DEEP PURPLE in 1973 to create the band’s Mk. III lineup, though co-founding member and guitarist Ritchie Blackmore left in 1975, to be replaced by Tommy Bolin.


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