GLENN HUGHES Says His Twitter Comment Led To Cancelation Of BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION Gig

Glenn Hughes has revealed to Classic Rock magazine that his refusal to back BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION‘s management on ticket prices is what caused the cancelation of their one-off show in Wolverhampton, England.

Said Hughes: “I was getting killed by a lot of my friends and fans in the Black Country for the ticket prices. I went on Twitter and said, ‘Don’t shoot me, I’m only the messenger, I don’t set the prices,’ and that was the thing that really started the whole debacle off.

“I said the same thing in 2010. I have a lot of fans who complain, ‘We’re from Wolverhampton, we can’t afford these tickets.’ This time it was the red rag to the bull.”

BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION guitarist Joe Bonamassa‘s manager, Roy Weisman, confirmed to Classic Rock he pulled the show as a result of Hughes‘ comment. He told the magazine: “The tickets might have been more expensive than an average rock band, but they’re not an average rock band. They certainly weren’t as expensive as a superstar band. I decided to price the tickets that way. When Glenn decided he wanted to make a comment, and pointed the finger to me, it was really upsetting to me. I’d had enough of it.”

The war of words between Hughes and Bonamassa‘s camp goes back to early September, when Hughes began telling journalists that the guitarist’s solo touring schedule was preventing BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION from touring and fulfilling its potential. He stated that if the situation didn’t change, BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION‘s new CD, “Afterglow”, could be the group’s last recording project.

Photo credit: Christie Goodwin


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