Global Chat With KISS Recognized As New Guinness World Record, subsidiary of Intertainment Media Inc., the social-media, real-time, language translation platform, hosted chat event KISS Live Global representing 92 nationalities from around the world, setting a Guinness World Record mark for “Most Nationalities In An Online Chat.” The chat was conducted with Paul Stanley and business partner and spokesperson Gene Simmons, both members of the iconic rock group KISS.

Utilizing the powerful Ortsbo translation engine, all chat comments from more than 50 languages during the chat were instantly translated into English, allowing one global conversation. The event was conducted on May 20 at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles. Participants joined the live streaming chat through personal computers and iPhone and Android devices.

Paul Stanley comments: “I’m thrilled to be a part of a Guinness World Record, especially one that brings together so many people from around the world. It was thrilling to be able to understand the comments from so many nationalities, and be able to conduct translated conversations in real-time.”

“This fun event showed we really do live in a global world, where language or distance cannot stop people from real engagement,” said Gene Simmons. “Ortsbo‘s amazing service brought together fans who shared a common interest which allowed us to interact with them on a personal level.”

Live Nation, the world’s leading live entertainment and online e-commerce company, supported the KISS Live Global event. The massive success of the event will provide a template for future chat events with Live Nation recording artists and

“The KISS chat event showcased the true power of our chat translation engine,” said David Lucatch, president of Ortsbo, Inc. “By translating in multiple languages during the event, we allowed people to conduct personal conversations with KISS in their native language with both speed and accuracy.”

The KISS Live Global event was hosted using the power of Microsoft‘s Windows Azure cloud-based platform. “This record-breaking chat through Ortsbo was powered by Windows Azure with impressive speed and stability,” said Aashish Dhamdhere, Windows Azure at Microsoft. “Through the scalability of cloud computing and Ortsbo‘s real-time translation, we were able to provide a global platform to interact with two legends of rock and roll.”