GOADED Featuring Ex-DIO Guitarist, KORN Drummer: Debut Album Receives ‘Official’ Release

“To Die Is Gain”, the 2008 debut album from GOADED — the project featuring former DIO guitarist Tracy “G” Grijalva and KORN drummer Ray Luzier — has now been given an “official” release through Spooky G Records, with North American distribution from Super D. According to a press release, “The 12-song [CD] is an unreal reminder of what kind of guitar player Tracy G is and what type of power G and Luzier bring to the world. Along with Larry Dennison on bass and Jason Witte on vocals this CD delivers a very heavy, modern and groove-filled opus that keeps your attention for its 52 minutes of music.”

The press release adds, “If you are expecting the project to sound like DIO or KORN, it is neither. This is a very heavy modern project with melodic yet growling type of vocals that hit you right between the ears and has its own sound.”

Produced by Joe Floyd and GOADED and recorded at the G factory, “To Die Is Gain” is only the first release that Luzier and Grijalva will release during 2012 from the work they have done together in the recent past.

Grijalva is working on a book that will chronicle his time in DIO (from 1993 through 1999). According to a press release, “The book will talk about everything from his initial tryout for the band, how he got that chance and also the end of the line for him in DIO. G will talk about the writing process, the touring, his feelings on the band and also his own private thoughts about working with Ronnie James Dio during this time.

Tracy recently released a new CD with his band THE TRACY G GROUP called “Controlled Chaos”, available on his own Spooky G Records. Tracy is joined by Johnny B on drums and vocals and Eddie Frisco on bass.

Tracy left DIO in 1999 after he claimed he was “asked to play in a dual-guitar situation” in Ronnie‘s band. According to a posting on Tracy‘s web site, DIO was “looking for more of a Ritchie Blackmore style . . . and wanted [Tracy] to step back and just play rhythm guitar. That’s when [Tracy] knew it was time to leave, freeing him to more diligently pursue his home studio projects.”

For more information, visit www.tracyg.com.