GODSMACK Frontman Takes ‘Avalon’ Golden-Ticket Winner To Catalina Island

Sully Erna, best known as vocalist and songwriter for the multi-platinum rock band GODSMACK, recently released a limited-edition “Avalon” box set that contained five DVDs, including “Avalon Live”, shot in his hometown of Boston at The Wilbur Theater. The box also contains 2 CDs — “Avalon”, his debut solo album, and “Avalon Live”, the live show from Boston. Other items include a limited edition coffee table book, an updated version of Sully‘s personal memoir, “The Paths We Choose”, a limited-edition autographed poster from the Wilbur show and a limited edition t-shirt, a Sully Erna hat and necklace, commemorative backstage pass from the 2010 tour, a guitar pick, and custom hand-made incense chosen by Sully. Five “golden tickets” were hidden in the boxes that offered grand prize luxury trips with Erna himself to Napa, Boston, New York, Las Vegas, and Avalon/Catalina Island.

On March 1-3, cameras joined Sully and his girlfriend Joanna as they met with the first winner — Jeremy Hodge Costello and his girlfriend Carlye — at California’s Catalina Island. Check out video footage of the adventure below.

The seeds for “Avalon” were planted back when Erna was pre-GODSMACK, discovering Australian world fusion band DEAD CAN DANCE‘s 1993 album “Into The Labyrinth”. Their “eclectic, mystical, hand drumming” approach filtered into GODSMACK hits like “Voodoo” and “Serenity”. From there, an organic process of assembling the right musicians began. Erna recruited DEAD CAN DANCE percussionist Niall Gregory and longtime friend and blues vocalist Lisa Guyer, who introduced the guitarists, that lead to a keyboardist and cellists that would fill out “Avalon”‘s diverse sound.