GODSMACK Frontman Writing Material For Follow-up To ‘Avalon’

Mosh Pit Report recently conducted an interview with GODSMACK frontman Sully Erna. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Mosh Pit Report: Your 2010 solo release, “Avalon”, is similar to your work with GODSMACK, but it has a slightly different feel and sound. How does the writing process and lyrical inspiration differ in your solo work?

Sully: It differs because it’s a whole different style of music that I wanted to explore compared to what I do with GODSMACK. GODSMACK over the years has been identified as a big, hard, tough rock outfit that requires a certain kind of writing. This was more about exploring different textures and feel for this kind of music. Along with working with a certain bunch of musicians, that have a different form of musicianship — coming from different backgrounds from blues to classical to jazz to rock. It was taking that kind of music and expanding on it and making it my own.

Mosh Pit Report: Jumping from a heavy, full band tour to an intimate tour in support of your solo work must be quite different. What are your favorite aspects of each?

Sully: I love the big rock shows because it’s a bigger-than-life feeling where you are able to experiment with things like pyro, spinning drum risers, lights, and production. GODSMACK is more like a full-contact sport where “Avalon” is more seductive and sensual and the solo stuff just resonates on a much more intimate level.

Mosh Pit Report: Are you working on a follow-up to “Avalon”? If so, will it be similar, or are you working on something a bit different?

Sully: That I don’t know yet. I’m just starting to write right now, and I have a few pieces created that I really like that I think will make the record. But then again, I haven’t dug deep enough to see what the rest of the record will sound like and I don’t want to put that kind of pressure on myself with a timeline. I’m just going to write until I feel like I have the right group of songs built for the album, and then I’ll choose the songs and I’ll release it. I just don’t know how long that’s going to take or when we will release it.

Mosh Pit Report: What are your plans for the rest of 2013? Are there any solo or GODSMACK tours in the works, or is this a year of working on your solo career and taking a break from GODSMACK?

Sully: It’s a little bit of both. GODSMACK will probably do a handful of shows with radio festivals and things like that, but I’m also going to be sprinkling solo shows throughout the year just to stay active. There are a lot of other projects that I’m also exploring and developing in the TV/film world, so I don’t want to overplay too much or do any major tours. I want to make sure that I have enough time in the next year or two and give myself that space and availability to be able to explore those options too.

Read the entire interview from Mosh Pit Report.


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