GOJIRA: 1997 Demo Tracks To Be Released On Vinyl

A limited-edition T-shirt and seven-inch vinyl bundle, featuring previously unreleased music from French progressive metallers GOJIRA and artwork from the band’s drummer, Mario Duplantier, will be made available via Volcom Entertainment. The songs on the seven-inch single, “End Of Time” and “Bleeding”, have never been officially released; both were originally on GOJIRA’s 1997 “Possessed” demo when they were still performing under the name GODZILLA. The whole bundle comes in a 12-inch vinyl packaging and is available in all volcom stores in Europe, EMP, Listenable Records and selected music stores or online at VolcomEnt.com.

Mario is known as one of the best metal drummers in the world, but only few know he’s a brilliant graphic artist, too. After his artistic debut with a graphic in Volcom‘s “featured artist” series of t-shirts, Volcom organized two art shows (Biarritz and Bordeaux) in collaboration with Mario to show his works.

GOJIRA recently recorded its new album at Spin Recording Studios in Long Island City, New York with co-producer Josh Wilbur (LAMB OF GOD) for a late spring release via the band’s new record label, Roadrunner Records.

GOJIRA is comprised of vocalist/guitarist Joe Duplantier, who has a previous relationship with Roadrunner, having played bass on CAVALERA CONSPIRACY‘s debut “Inflikted”, along with guitarist Christian Andreu, bassist Jean-Michel Labadie and drummer Mario Duplantier, who is also Joe‘s brother!

The band’s Roadrunner debut will be its fifth album overall. It was 2005’s “From Mars to Sirius” and 2008’s “The Way of All Flesh” which established GOJIRA as a metal force of nature and a key player in the scene.