Golden Gods recognizes the musical impact of Slipknot’s Paul Gray, Type O’s Peter Steel & more with their "Fallen Heroes" tribute

Golden Gods is THE awards show to hit each year for any hard rock and metal fan out there.  This year the event made a special tribute to the musicians our community lost.   We like to be all fun games over at Roadrunner, but bring out your tissues for this one.  Over the past year and a half the metal rock scene has suffered some extraordinary losses – from metal giants Slipknot’s Paul Gray, to the legendary Type O Negative’s loss of their frontman, Pete Steele and more, we all felt the effect.

Revolver’s Golden Gods paid tribute to these “Fallen Heroes” in the print for their January/February issue, but you can also video the video segment made specially available at the 2011 Golden Gods Awards this past April. 

We’d love to recognize the greatness of ALL the artists in the video clip above and appreciatte that Golden Gods took the time to represent them during the show.   Cheers to the Fallen Heroes.

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