GORATH To Release ‘Apokálypsis’ Album In September

Belgian black metallers GORATH will release their fifth album, “Apokálypsis – Unveiling The Age That Is Not To Come”, on September 2 via Twilight Vertrieb. The CD was recorded at Crestfallen Home Studio and Shumcot Studio by Reinier Schenk. It was mastered at Necromorbus Studio in Alvik, Sweden by Tore Stjerna.

According to a press release, “Apokálypsis – Unveiling The Age That Is Not To Come” is “about the Apocalypse of John. Many have tried to interpret these visions, but very few have managed to look beyond the madness, beyond the deceit of the false ‘God’ that so many weaklings worship. Those desperate fools who put their faith and hope in the final judgment by their ‘God’ are up for an unpleasant revelation, for He is not who He claims to be. Cursed is he who reads aloud the words of the prophecy and doomed are those who hear and who keep what is written therein.”

“Apokálypsis – Unveiling The Age That Is Not To Come” track listing:

01. Before The Throne Of The Demiurge
02. The Seven Seals
03. Wrath Of God
04. Le Porteur De Lumière
05. Beasts From The Earth And The Sea
06. Whore Of Babylon
07. Millennium (Thousand Years Of Darkness)

The “The Seven Seals” video was recorded and edited by Dave Hannes and can be seen below.