Gorgoroth Delays New Album, “Under The Sign Of Hell 2011” Due To Financial Problems

Photo of Gorgoroth

Norwegian black metal veterans Gorgoroth has announced that the re-recorded edition of their 1996 album, “Under The Sign Of Hell,” which is simply entitled, “Under The Sign Of Hell 2011,” has had to have been delayed once again to financial problems. The record was initially scheduled to be released on August 29th but now faces an uncertain future. A statement from the band reads as follows:

“The master tapes were handed over to Regain by the band in April this year, and so it is of course very disappointing for the band that the label for the second time is not able to meet the set release date. Therefore, to avoid this happening again, no new release date will be given by the band until Regain can sort out their problems and provide a new date with 100% certainty.”