GORGUTS/DYSRHYTHMIA Guitarist Releases Second Solo Album

Kevin Hufnagel (DYSRHYTHMIA, GORGUTS) has just released his second solo guitar album, “Transparencies”, via his own imprint, Nightfloat Recordings. The effort can be streamed in full and purchased at BandCamp.com, along with Hufnagel‘s past recordings, including a rare, self-released cassette demo from 1997, titled “While I Wait”.

An album preview trailer for “Transparencies” — created by Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu and using photography taken by Hufnagel — can be viewed below.

For “Transparencies”, Hufnagel decided to work primarily with electric guitar as opposed to his last release “Songs For The Disappeared”, which was entirely acoustic-based. The concept this time was to create dark and lush tapestries of sound, rich with texture, but without forsaking melody and detail to composition. Recorded at home by Hufnagel himself, the album displays his knack for using experimental guitar ideas and minimal recording techniques to craft strangely beautiful soundworlds.

“Transparencies” track listing:

01. Sunshower (02:48)
02. Ever Rest (05:10)
03. Arferno (05:12)
04. Slow Motion Return (03:59)
05. Passing On (02:46)
06. Static Aquarium (04:26)
07. Early Light (05:12)
08. The Bell Garden (04:19)
09. Station Hum (03:35)
10. Seen From A Distance (03:41)
11. Aftermath (03:31)