GOTTHARD: ‘Homegrown – Alive In Lugano’ Trailer Available

Swiss hard rockers GOTTHARD will release a live album entitled “Homegrown – Alive In Lugano” on September 30 via Nuclear Blast Records. On September 2, a previously unreleased track entitled “The Train”, featuring the band’s late singer Steve Lee on vocals, was made available.

“Homegrown – Alive In Lugano” contains a live recording of GOTTHARD‘s July 17, 2010 concert in Lugano, which turned out to be one of the band’s last performances with Lee.

Steve was killed on October 5, 2010 in what has been described as a freak road accident in Nevada. Due to Lee‘s sudden passing, the CD’s release was postponed — until now.

“Lugano was where it all began and so the circle is closed of all that we’ve experienced with our friend Steve Lee,” comments GOTTHARD bassist Marc Lynn.

“The memories of the past 20 years on stage with Steve are brought again to life intensively with this album. They reflect the memorable times that we were able to enjoy on the Mount Olympus of rock ‘n’ roll.”

The concert in Lugano took place during a local HOG Rally, a big annual event organized by Harley-Davidson bikers. Being able to play for the Harley circle in the band’s hometown was an unforgettable experience. All the GOTTHARD musicians are enthusiastic Harley-Davidson bikers themselves and perform at such events and take part in rallies at every opportunity they get. In addition, “Homegrown” was one of the very few concerts GOTTHARD got to play in its hometown.
Steve was warmer and more cheerful than he had been in a long time,” GOTTHARD guitarist Freddy Scherer said. “The chemistry between him and the audience couldn’t have been more intense, despite the fact that there were more than 20,000 people standing on the piazza. It is a stroke of good luck that we recorded this memorable concert, for unfortunately it was one of the last ones with Steve.”

“Music has allowed us to travel round the whole world together during the last 20 years,” GOTTHARD guitarist Leo Leoni explains. “In doing so, we’ve shared lots of unforgettable moments that rank among the best times of our lives. Anyhow, returning to Lugano has always been something special. It’s the place we belong to and where we have strong and deep roots.”

“Homegrown – Alive In Lugano” marks the end of an era for GOTTHARD, which is currently searching for a new lead singer.

A trailer for “Homegrown – Alive In Lugano” can be seen below.