GOTTHARD’s ‘Firebirth’ Tops Swiss Chart

“Firebirth”, the new album from Swiss hard rockers GOTTHARD, entered the chart in the band’s home country at position No. 1 — the 14th time that a GOTTHARD CD has topped the Swiss chart in the group’s career so far. In addition, the album landed at No. 9 on the German Media Control chart.

Commented GOTTHARD guitarist Leo Leoni: “We are really happy with this success. After the past difficult time, ‘Firebirth’ is like a new beginning for us and is also album number 1 of a new GOTTHARD chapter.

“We want to thank everyone who was involved, particularly our management, both record labels Nuclear Blast and Musikverttrieb — and, of course, all our fans, who have been with us all the way and have been as always like a family to us. We look upon this success as a joint effort of all of us and our fans too. We are delighted with the great GOTTHARD teamwork. As Neil Young would say, ‘Hey, hey, my, my – rock ‘n’ roll will never die!”

“Firebirth” was released on June 1 via Nuclear Blast/Warner Music. The CD was produced at the band’s own Yellow House Studios in Lugano, Switzerland, with guitarist/songwriter Leo Leoni and Paul Lani (who has previously worked with GOTTHARD on several of their earlier albums, including “G-Spot” and “Homerun”) at the helm.

“Firebirth” marks GOTTHARD‘s first release with singer Nic Maeder, who was born in Lausanne, Switzerland, lived in Melbourne, Australia and grew up between Switzerland and “Down Under.”

“Firebirth” track listing:

01. Starlight
02. Give Me Real
03. Remember It’s Me
04. Fight
05. Yippie Aye Yay
06. Tell Me
07. Shine
08. The Story Is Over
09. Right On
10. S.O.S.
11. Take It All Back
12. I Can
13. Where Are You? (dedicated to Steve Lee)

GOTTHARD vocalist Steve Lee was killed on October 5, 2010 in what has been described as a freak road accident in Nevada.

The “Firebirth” album cover depicts the firebird Phoenix, which symbolically rises “from the ashes to the sky” — this line expresses what each GOTTHARD fan feels and underlines the turbulent time that GOTTHARD has gone through in the past months.

“Starlight” video: