GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT Featuring ASPHYX Members: First Song Available For Streaming

“Bow Down Before The Blood Court”, the debut album from Dutch death metal doom mongers GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT, will be released on November 12 in Europe and on November 20 in North America via Century Media Records. The CD cover artwork was created by Axel Hermann (ASPHYX, GRAVE, UNLEASHED).

The GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT track “Piled Up For The Scavengers”, taken from the forthcoming album, can be streamed in the YouTube clip below.

GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT was founded in 2011 by former ASPHYX guitar player Eric Daniels who left behind the active death metal scene years ago after the release of ASPHYX‘s studio album “On The Wings Of Inferno”. But as one should never deny his roots, Mr. Daniels is now back from beyond and ready to spread the plague of doom once more.

“After some resting years, the wish to play real doom/death was boiling again,” he says. “It feels great to compose again; my guitars are more close to me than they were ever before. GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT gives me the motivation and true belief to spit out the true and real doom/death.

“I have five words to say about the upcoming album: heavy …brutal… doom … crushing … real.

“My respect and gratitude towards the fans who kept supporting me, even when I wasn’t there. YOU RULE!!!”

Still having maintained very close contact to his old band mates of ASPHYX, Eric has teamed up with Martin Van Drunen and Bob Bagchus for GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT as well. Still, GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT differs from the current ASPHYX sound.

Commented Philipp Schulte, AR at Century Media in Germany: “We are very happy to have Eric Daniels back on the label with his new band.

Eric and Century Media have a long and good history together.

“When we received the first instrumental samples of GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT, we instantly knew we have to release the band’s material. This is crushing, twisted and sick death metal, composed by one of the few real riff masters of the scene.

“I am aware of the fact that GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT will instantly be compared to ASPHYX due to the lineup similarities and Eric‘s involvement in ASPHYX for many years. Still the two bands have a different approach on death metal and people will easily recognize those differences in the sound.”

Eric explains the musical direction of GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT as follows: “GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT is a five-piece band, with two guitar players, in order to give more heaviness and possibilities to the songs. That differs from ASPHYX, as well as the fact that we down-tuned to B and the challenge between heaviness and brutality. The structure of the songs is more basic. Riffs will tell the story. We don’t hesitate to play riffs longer if it feels right. GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT is more brutal, saw-like playing than ASPHYX what will be noticeable in the sound. Shortly said: GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT is a band standing at its own, no wink to ASPHYX, no connection.”


Eric Daniels – Guitar
Bob Bagchus – Drums
Theo Van Eekelen – Bass
Alwin Zuur – Guitar
Martin Van Drunen – Vocals



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