Swedish death metallers GRAVE have inked a new deal with Century Media Records.

GRAVE issued its debut album, “Into The Grave”, 20 years ago (August 1991) as the tenth-ever release from Century Media. As GRAVE founding member Ola Lindgren recalled in the “Swedish Death Metal” book by Daniel Ekerot, “We sent our third demo to just every label there was. A lot of them kept in touch, such as Earache and Peaceville. But Century Media was working faster than any of them, so we just went with them without thinking too much about it. Century Media invited us down to Germany to record that single (‘Tremendous Pain’), and it was only after that we started to discuss a deal. It felt amazing for us to go abroad, so in a way they lured us into their roster! But it turned out well.”

Century Media and GRAVE parted ways after seven albums following the release of 2006’s “As Rapture Comes”, and the band went on to record two highly acclaimed CDs “Dominium VIII” (2008) and “Burial Ground” (2010) for the Regain label. In 2010, the band’s 12CD+1DVD box set “Death Unhallowed” (including all recordings from 1986 to 2006) was released in cooperation with Century Media and the early CORPSE, PUTREFACTION and GRAVE demos were made available earlier this year as a deluxe triple vinyl set entitled “Necropsy – The Complete Demo Recordings 1986-1991”.

Jens Prueter, Head of AR Century Media Europe, comments on GRAVE‘s return: “First time I saw GRAVE was in May 1992 when my friend Robert Kampf (founder of Century Media) asked me if I wanted to get tattooed by Vinny Daze (R.I.P.) from DEMOLITION HAMMER, who was in town with MASSACRE and GRAVE. I went to the show with the intention to get my first tattoo but was blown away by GRAVE‘s pure death metal blast and ended up being way too drunk to still get inked later that night. I never tried to get tattooed again, but I stuck to GRAVE and I’m more than glad to welcome back Ola and his ‘new’ guys to Century Media.”

Adds Lindgren: “We are very happy and psyched to announce that we have signed back to our old trusty workhorse Century Media Records! After some while of negotiations and a meeting in Dortmund, Germany the week before we played Death Feast open-air [festival], we finally sealed the new deal. The future plan is to have a new GRAVE studio album out in 2012 and we will start putting the pieces together for that this fall, after the headlining tour of North America. We are truly looking forward to working together again with some of our old friends as well as all the new staff in the Century Media offices worldwide!”

GRAVE 2011 is:

Ola Lindgren – Guitars, Vocals
Ronnie Bergerstål – Drums
Magnus Martinsson – Guitars
Tobias Cristiansson – Bass

Pictured below (left to right): Century Media staffers Stefan Franke, Philipp Schulte, Jens Prueter and GRAVE members Ronnie Bergerstål, Ola Lindgren, Tobias Cristiansson and Magnus Martinsson.