Graveworm Comments On Upcoming Album “Fragments Of Death”

Photo of Graveworm

Italy’s Graveworm has checked in with the following announcement about finishing the band’s new album:

“Graveworm is back – and almost back to the roots! The album was recorded in July 2011 at the ‘Dream Sound Studios’ in Munich, and mastered by Jan Vacik. Musically, the album can be seen as a mixture of the best of the last four records, with some old school roots and definitive darker than its predecessors.”

The upcoming album “Fragments Of Death” is currently set to drop on October 14th, 2011 via Nuclear Blast.

Graveworm also previously commented on the album’s lyrical themes: “Fragments Of Death stands for the ten musical pieces of a puzzle on the CD. The lyrics deal with different modes of death. There will be one song about the current incidents in Japan, for example.”