GREAT WHITE: Footage From M3 Rock Festival Available

Video footage of GREAT WHITE‘s performance at the M3 Rock Festival, which took place May 13-14, 2011 at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland, can be viewed below.

GREAT WHITE frontman Jack Russell is still recovering from major surgery after suffering a perforated bowel (a medical emergency in which a hole in the bowel opens to allow its contents to empty into the rest of the abdominal cavity) this past winter. Singer Terry Ilous of XYZ has stepped in to replace Russell on lead vocals.

GREAT WHITE released its latest album, “Rising”, in North America in April 2009 via Shrapnel Records. The CD was issued in Europe on March 13, 2009 through Frontiers Records.

Since reuniting in January 2007 to perform a benefit concert, GREAT WHITE has moved forward with the successful release in the summer of the same year of their return album “Back To The Rhythm”, a record which was hailed by critics and fans as a return to the heydays of the band. After a world tour that celebrated the first 25 years of GREAT WHITE and that brought them for 14 concerts to Europe, bass player Sean McNabb opted out and was replaced by Scott Snyder (ex-RAMOS, ACCOMPLICE).