Greek metal veterans MARAUDER have inked a deal with Pitch Black Records.

Having recently celebrated 22 years since the band was formed, with a number of metal anthems composed throughout the years and having established themselves as one of the most respected acts of the Greek metal scene, MARAUDER are now back with their fifth album, “Elegy Of Blood”.

MARAUDER was formed in early 1990 and has since then performed live countless times in Greece and abroad, acquiring a huge following and the respect and admiration of many amongst their local scene.

Pitch Black label owner Phivos Papadopoulos commented: “When, in the early ’90s, I was writing (yes writing, not emailing) this band to send me their demo tape, I never imagined that 20 years later they would be signing under my own record label.

“The decision to sign MARAUDER was instantaneous and it’s with great pleasure that we welcome the band to the Pitch Black Records family, not just because of the personal factor but also because they are a kick-ass band that truly deserves as much recognition as possible!”

According to a press release, “Elegy Of Blood” is comprised of “ten PURE heavy metal songs. Powerful and passionate melodic metal compositions make this a highly anticipated release, particularly amongst the band’s die-hard fans. Released on May 15th, the album will be available through Pitch Black Records and its distribution partners as well as through major MP3 stores with the CD version including a bonus track.”

“Elegy Of Blood” track listing:

01. Elegy Of Blood
02. The Great War
03. Alexander
04. Warriors
05. Roman Empire
06. Hiroshima
07. Mother
08. Crusader
09. Black Gold
10. World War II
11. In Memory (CD bonus)


Alexandros Kostarakos – Vocals
Andreas Tsaoussis – Guitar
Giorgos Sofronas – Guitar
Thodoris Paralis – Bass
Grigoris Vlachos – Drums