GRIEF OF EMERALD Preparing To Release ‘The Devils Deep’

Swedish death/black metal band GRIEF OF EMERALD will release its fourth album, “The Devils Deep”, on June 3 through Non Serviam Records. The first CD to feature the group’s current lineup sees GRIEF OF EMERALD “increase[ing] the power by adding some new intricate songs, boosting harmonies with haunting keyboards, tight double-bass drumming, backed by a massive guitar sound and haunting vocals, plus superb packaging,” according to a press release.

Commented drummer Carl Karlsson: “After our last tour [Christ Crushing Tour with SKYFORGER, SEAR BLISS, BESTIAL MOCKERY and OBTEST], GRIEF OF EMERALD was confronted with lineup problems once again when the bass player and the guitarist left the band. The band fell into a slumber as we tried to find competent musicians to work with, some local shows were done to try out new members but not until 2008 the lineup was complete again and the plans of a new record was spawned. A demo called ‘Holocaust’ was made as well as some live shows around Sweden to attract record companies and after careful consideration a deal was made with Non Serviam Records.”

GRIEF OF EMERALD‘s previous three albums — “Nightspawn” (1998), “Malformed Seed” (2000) and “Christian Termination” (2002) — were all made available through Listenable Records.

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