Grönholm Readies New Album, “Silent Out Loud,” Releases Music Video

September 16, 2011 sees Grönholm release their sophomore album, “Silent Out Loud” on Lion Music. The album contains ten tracks, which are as follows:

1. Cross Of Mind
2. Distorted Eyes
3. Under My Star
4. Vanity
5. Out From The Nest
6. Race Is On
7. Giant Step
8. Set The Stones
9. Dawn Of A Dream
10. Away

The new album sees Mika take a heavier approach to his song writing utilizing a down tuned B tuning for all stringed instruments. On the change Mika comments, “All the songs on “Silent Out Loud” are tuned down to low B. Sometimes B-tuning is used for roaring vocals or lighting fast guitar parts, but no, not this time. With this tuning I was seeking more power and energy to my riffs.”

Writing for the release began in May 2010 and was completed 4 months later. Mika’s approach was to “Simply sit down and record riffs and ideas to an mp3 player and those riffs that maintain attention on repeated plays get worked on into bodies of songs.” Once the tracks had taken shape the recordings took place in January 2011. In contrast to the debut Tom Rask’s drums were recorded first this time round and Mika then built the final tracks around the drum work. Markku Kuikka recorded his vocals in his home studio in a short three day stint. March 2011 saw the arrival of the guest vocal tracks from Billy Sherwood (chorus parts on “Cross” and “Out From The Nest”) and Marco Hietala (lead vocals on “Vanity”). The band then had to wait until April 2011 for Janne Tolsa to become available to mix and master and the results show the wait was justified. Mika then mixed the last three songs at his home studio “because they were easy and quick to do.”

In addition a promotional video for the opening track “Cross Of Mind” has been shot and made available online in the run up to the “Silent Out Loud” release on September 16, 2011.