GRUESOME STUFF RELISH: New Song Available For Streaming

“S.O.S.”, a brand new song from the Spanish death/grind band GRUESOME STUFF RELISH, can be streamed using the SoundCloud player below. The track comes off the group’s forthcoming album, “Sempiternal Death Grind”, which will be released on January 25, 2013 on CD, LP (three different versions) and as a digital download via FDA Rekotz.

There is an abundance of (early) CARCASS-worshiping bands around the globe, but there are three that posses the same old, rotten spirit and the same musically quality like the U.K. cult band: GENERAL SURGERY, HAEMORRHAGE and GRUESOME STUFF RELISH. On previous releases, GRUESOME STUFF RELISH showed us the direction straight to the crypt to your most horrible nightmares with a stunningly intense brand of classic death metal and gory grindcore. After two full-length albums and various split releases, it’s time for album number three — “Sempiternal Death Grind”. This is the most intense and creepy material the band has written to date.

“Sempiternal Death Grind” track listing:

01. A Date With Fulci
02. Desecrated
03. Deadlicious Feast
04. S.O.S.
05. They Are The Plague
06. End Is Near
07. They Follow Your Scent
08. Became A Zombie
09. Gruesome Stuff Relish
10. Sex Drugs Grind
11. In Death We Breath
12. Scratching The Violet Velvet

A video for the track “Desecrated” will be released next week.


Noel Kemper – Vocals, Guitar
Santiago Argento – Guitar
Joss Franco – Bass
Paolo Deodato – Drums




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