Guitar Maker ED ROMAN Dies

Guitar maker and luthier Ed Roman — who has worked with a number of influential artists during his career, including Ted Nugent, George Lynch, Billy Gibbons, Keith Urban and Rick Derringer — has passed away. A posting on Ed‘s web sitereads, “We understand that many people have questions regarding the circumstances surrounding his passing. His death, however, is still very recent, and is a heartbreaking shock to the family. We ask that you please be respectful of the sensitive nature involved with losing a loved one, and the mourning process that follows.”

A more formal announcement from Lindsey Star Roman is forthcoming.

According to, Roman worked with original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley as far back as 1989, performing some modifications to one of Ace‘s Les Pauls. He also built a replica of Ace Frehley‘s Washburn AF 40 guitar. Roman once described Frehley as “probably the most influential guitarist in the history of the world.”


(Thanks: Fullshred)

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