Guitarist Danny Tunker (GOD DETHRONED, ex-PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT) will fill in for Christian Muenzner during SPAWN OF POSSESSION‘s upcoming Europe tour with OBSCURA, GOROD and EXIVIOUS.

Commented Christian: “I would have loved to play with SPAWN OF POSSESSION myself on the upcoming European tour. Unfortunately I’ve been diagnosed with Focal Dystonia (a task specific movement disorder which manifests itself as a loss of voluntary motor control in extensively trained muscles) on my left hand last year, affecting the independence of my index finger and middle finger. I’ve been dealing with that problem for quite a while now by adapting and changing my playing technique. I’ve started treatment for this some months ago. Right now I’m taking therapy classes and doing a medication therapy. For the first time ever since I have it, I’m feeling a little progress on it and I have a feeling I can overcome this with time. I have to be careful not to put too much pressure on my hand though in order not to risk any further damage or the progress of the therapy.

“Since I have to play a 70+ minutes set with OBSCURA every night, a 45-minute SPAWN OF POSSESSION set before would be too much for my condition at this point, which is why I decided to play with OBSCURA only on this tour.

“I am very thankful and happy that my good friend Danny Tunker agreed to step in for me on this tour.

Danny, who is a former student of guitar masters Rusty Cooley (OUTWORLD), Terry Syrek and Derryl Gabel, is the perfect choice to play with SPAWN OF POSSESSION; his rhythm and lead chops are beyond anyone I know.

“I’m sorry if some fans expected to see me play with SPAWN OF POSSESSION on this tour, but that way it is guaranteed that both OBSCURA and SPAWN OF POSSESSION can deliver 100% and the best show possible!”

A video clip of Tunker playing “Lash By Lash” by SPAWN OF POSSESSION can be seen below.

SPAWN OF POSSESSION‘s tour with OBSCURA, GOROD and EXIVIOUS is scheduled to kick off on March 9 in Stuttgart, Germany.

SPAWN OF POSSESSION will release its third full-length album, “Incurso”, in North America on March 13 via Relapse Records. The CD, which contains nine tracks plus an instrumental intro, was recorded at Pama Studios in Kristianopel, Sweden with engineer Magnus “Mankan” Sedenberg.

According to a press release, “devastating riffs, jaw-dropping time-signatures and improbably complex songwriting coalesce to create an opus of next-level death metal on ‘Incurso’, which the band promises to be their most supreme work to date, and more devastating than ever.”

The “Incurso” cover art was created by graphic artist Pär Olofsson (IMMORTAL, IMMOLATION, DYING FETUS).



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