GUNS N’ ROSES Bassist Busks For Charity In London; Video Available

GUNS N’ ROSES bassist Tommy Stinson busked (played music in public for money) for charity outside the O2 Arena in London, England yesterday afternoon (Friday, June 1) ahead of his band’s show at the venue. Stinson said that he was busking for an education charity in Haiti, called Timkatec. He wrote on Twitter, “I’m busking for Timkatec schools!!!! All proceeds from me busking will go to Timkatec schools.”

Stinson released his second solo effort, “One Man Mutiny”, through his own Done To Death Music label last August. The CD is said to be Stinson‘s most fully-realized effort to date in both production quality and craftsmanship of song. “I’m finding it a lot more interesting to make music these days,” said Tommy. “Especially given the musical climate as of the last few years — there are a lot of people complaining about how bad it is. I am actually embracing the challenges.” The album was produced by Phillip Broussard, Jr. (who has engineered records for such groups as RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, WEEZER as well as Tommy‘s first solo effort, “Village Gorilla Head”) and recorded at Tommy‘s Bipolarbear studios in both Los Angeles and suburban Philadelphia. The exception would be the title track, “One Man Mutiny”, which was recorded with GUNS N’ ROSES members Dizzy Reed and Richard Fortus in the restaurant of the Conrad Hotel in Brussels, Belgium on a day off from their 2010 European tour, which was documented on video (along with all sorts of other adventures on the road with GUNS N’ ROSES) on Tommy‘s web site. The album was mixed by Sean Beavan (GUNS N’ ROSES, NINE INCH NAILS, and Tommy‘s “Village Gorilla Head”).