GUNS N’ ROSES Guitarist: AXL ROSE ‘Has More Integrity Than Any Artist I Have Ever Worked With’

During a brand new interview with, GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist Richard Fortus was asked what has been the most important thing that he has learned from working with Axl Rose. “You know, that guy has more integrity than any artist I have ever worked with, and I have played with a lot of people,” Richard replied. “But he has more integrity and that is really something that I find incredibly admirable. He is all about the music and that is all that matters to him, that’s what it’s about and that’s all it should be about. What matters is that it’s the best it can be. That is how Axlrolls. He’s not about the money. He is about the art of it and I think that is what I’ve learned more than anything.”

He added, “And I’ll tell you what else, that guy listens more than any other singer I’ve ever worked with. He listens to musicians. When we’re onstage, and the songs are different every night, so he’s listening to you for when you finish a phrase before he comes in. He totally pays attention and it’s really cool. It’s great to work with someone like that.”

A former member of LOVE SPIT LOVE and PSYCHEDELIC FURS, Fortus joined GUNS N’ ROSES in July 2002 as the replacement for Paul Huge (a.k.a. Paul Tobias).

In addition to LOVE SPIT LOVE and PSYCHEDELIC FURS, Fortus has done extensive session work with acts like BT, GRAVITY KILLS, ‘N SYNC and ENRIQUE IGLESIAS.

Fortus joined legendary rockers THIN LIZZY for a number of shows last year as the replacement for Vivian Campbell, who returned to his full-time gig as the guitarist for DEF LEPPARD.

When asked how he got involved with THIN LIZZY, Fortus told, “I received a call from them around April of last year. They had been touring with Vivian Campbell and he was going back to DEF LEPPARD. They asked if I’d be available to fill in for him for the summer. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to play with one of my all-time favorite bands. Before we’d even done our first gig, they asked me to join as a full-time member. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do it because of conflicts with GN’R‘s schedule. However, I’ve managed to have them open for us this summer! So hopefully I’ll be able to play a song or two with them. Playing with THIN LIZZY was one of the greatest moments of my career. They are like family and it was an absolute honor and a pleasure to be a part of that rock n’ roll lineage.”