GUNS N’ ROSES Guitarist BUMBLEFOOT Treats Children With Autism To An Exclusive Performance

According to The National, GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal treated children with autism to an exclusive performance earlier today (Thursday, October 4) at the Dubai Autism Centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Thal appeared with Nikhil Uzgare, the lead singer of the Dubai band POINT OF VIEW, who sang his band’s song “Set Me Free”. The GUNS N’ ROSES axeman then played the theme to the “Pink Panther” on acoustic guitar.

“Things like this, they change you,” Thal said. “They make you sort of re-evaluate what’s important. You start thinking about what you can do.”

The guitarist said that he was exposed to people with autism while growing up in New York City.

“One of the boroughs, Staten Island, has a very high autism rate,” Thal said. “Everybody there is connected to someone who has something to do with it.”

Thal and his wife flew to Dubai take part in a special performance with POINT OF VIEW to celebrate the release of their debut album, “Revolutionize The Revolutionary”.

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