GUNS N’ ROSES Keyboardist: AXL ROSE Is ‘A Lot More Fun At 5 A.M. Than He Is At 5 P.M.’

Tim Brouk of Journal And Courier recently conducted an interview with GUNS N’ ROSES keyboardist Dizzy Reed. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Journal And Courier: What has kept you so entrenched in this band?

Dizzy: When I set out to do something, I like to sort of finish it. I’ve never seen any reason to quit. We started to make a new record, and I really wanted to see it through. I had a lot invested to it. People would quit and then be replaced. They came and went, but I didn’t have any reason to quit. [Singer Axl Rose] gave me an opportunity and it was largely his idea for me to be in the band. I really always felt I needed to stick this out as long as I could. He’s been good to me thus far, and I’m still alive.

Journal And Courier: You joined the band in 1990 but knew Rose years before that. What was your impression of him then and now?

Dizzy: We’ve always got along pretty well. I remember the first time I ever met him: He walked into this studio that they were moving into. My band at the time was moving into the studio next door. I was sort of entertaining this young lady on this mattress on the floor of the studio. There was garbage everywhere because we just moved out. He walked in and saw us and he said, “I like that dude.” That was the first thing I remember him saying. And I was like “All right, well … .” Then I saw them play for the first time and I thought, “I have to join that band. Those guys are amazing.” He heard me play and he said, “You’re going to be the guy. When we add a keyboard player, it’s going to be you.” That all kind of worked out in a weird way. I’m just happy I’m still here, man, and being able to make music has always been awesome. He’s one of a kind, man. Always has been, always will be.

Journal And Courier: What did you think of Rose’s interview on “That Metal Show” on VH1 Classic (from November 11)?

Dizzy: I haven’t seen the interview. We’ve been pretty isolated. It’s backstage, bus, hotel. I haven’t really heard much about it yet. Now you have me all curious.

Journal And Courier: The “That Metal Show” hosts were surprised how funny and laid back Rose was during the interview, which took place at 5 a.m. Has he been that way during the whole tour?

Dizzy: You know what?! Axl is a lot more fun at 5 a.m. than he is at 5 p.m. Let’s put it that way.

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