GUNS N’ ROSES Keyboardist Defends Band’s Concert Tardiness

Matthew Wilkening of Ultimate Classic Rock recently conducted an interview with GUNS N’ ROSES keyboardist Dizzy Reed. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Ultimate Classic Rock: Do you think too much attention is paid to when your shows start, or how long it takes you to release an album? Isn’t it a little silly to talk about stuff like that so much?

Dizzy: As a matter of fact, I never thought about it, but yeah, it is silly. It’s a rock and roll concert, for Christ’s sake! I would think we get more than our share of that, certainly. But yeah, (music) is supposed to be inspired by creativity and good things in life, and having a good time.

Ultimate Classic Rock: So, we can maybe expect to hear some new GUNS N’ ROSES music soon?

Dizzy: Hopefully, that’s the plan. But right now, we’re out there rocking “Chinese Democracy” and some of the older classic songs, maybe some new surprises, and that’s that. But I know there’s always something brewing. There should be some new music coming out at some point, for sure.

Ultimate Classic Rock: You’ve been in GUNS N’ ROSES for over 20 years now, what were the common musical influences that drew you and Axl [Rose, GN’R lead singer] together?

Dizzy: I think we’re both children of the ’70s. We just grew up listening to a lot of the same stuff on the radio. Things aren’t like that now. Whatever city you were in had maybe two, maybe three rock stations and that’s what you listened to, that’s all you got. That being said, to me there was just a lot of great, great music that came out of that time. Anybody that sort of came up around the same time that we did had the same taste too. At least, people that I would choose to hang out and play music with! You just kind of gravitate together, move in the same direction.

Ultimate Classic Rock: Would it be safe to assume given how you’re a keyboardist, that Elton John was a big shared influence between you and Axl?

Dizzy: (Jokingly) Who? Who’s Elton John? No, of course, Elton John. He’s one of the best ever, in my opinion. That’s probably why he invited him to play with us that one time, at the (1992) MTV VMAs. I forgot about that ’till just now. That was cool.

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