GUNS N’ ROSES Singer Threatens To Walk Off Stage At Liverpool Concert; Video Available

GUNS N’ ROSES frontman Axl Rose halted a live concert this past Sunday night (May 20) at ECHO Arena in Liverpool, England after a plastic pint of liquid was thrown on stage during the group’s performance. One minute into the concert’s second number, “Welcome To The Jungle”, Rose stopped his band and warned the crowd that he would pack up and leave if they continued “throw[ing] shit.”

“If you wanna throw shit, we’ve got no problem going home,” he said. “Otherwise we’d all love to have a good time tonight, right? So don’t fuck it up for your friends here tonight. Thank you very much. Let’s start the song over.”

GUNS N’ ROSES reportedly took to the stage in Liverpool at 11:00 p.m. — after keeping fans waiting for two hours.

Because the ECHO Arena has a round-the-clock license, GUNS N’ ROSES was allowed to keep playing and finished their set at approximately 1:55 a.m.

In her review of the Liverpool concert, Jade Wright of the Liverpool Echo wrote, “When a band keeps a packed arena waiting for two hours with no apology, they can’t be too surprised when people show their disapproval.”

Fan-filmed video footage of the above-mentioned incident is available below. (Note: Objects can be seen falling on the stage around the 1:40 mark.)

According to the Liverpool Echo, several audience members left before GUNS N’ ROSES‘ set started.

Disabled fan Mark Pettersen, 48, had to leave after just two songs to get his train home.

“It was such a waste of time. I came out totally distressed.” Pettersen told the Liverpool Echo. “It was a complete joke and a total disgrace. Someone in the crowd threw something at him and I understand because people were so frustrated. If I could have got up on stage, I would have ran him over in my mobility scooter, I was so upset.”

GUNS N’ ROSES‘ 2001 show at Rock In Rio saw the band take to the stage two hours late, and while the crowd waited patiently for them on that occasion, this has not been the case at other shows.

In 2010, organizers of the Reading festival in England pulled the plug on GUNS N’ ROSES‘ PA, silencing them after they took to the stage an hour late and tried to overrun the event’s curfew time by over half an hour.

GUNS N’ ROSES‘ was reportedly fined $108,000 (£72,000) by officials at London’s O2 Arena in October 2010 after Rose‘s late stage appearance meant he and his bandmates went over the venue’s strict 11 p.m. curfew. The fans were so upset about GUNS N’ ROSES‘ tardiness at the first of the two London shows that they were throwing things at Axl Rose. He told the audience not to be doing that because they could miss him and hit someone at the front of the stage by accident. They wouldn’t want that to happen, he added. The concert organizers allowed them to play for the extra hour over curfew for two gigs.

At GUNS N’ ROSES‘ lone U.S. concert appearance in 2010 in Sturgis, South Dakota, the crowd — composed largely of bikers — was forced to wait the usual two hours before Rose arrived. Rather than rioting, however, those in attendance either littered the stage with debris or simply left.