GUTFED Releases New Album And Posts Teaser

Istanbul brutal slam band Gutfed just released its debut album “The Reign Of Pure Madness And Contagious Perversion” via Morbid Generation Records. The tracklisting of all twelve songs is posted below, along with a preview video of the album. Gutfed started out in 2011 and released their first single ‘Collection Of Ripped Limbs’ in June. One month later, the band recorded songs for the split album “Drowned Through Four Ways Of Vomiting” with Begging For Incest, Extermination Dismemberment and Goreputation. While waiting the release of it they put out a “Promo 2012” demo in February.

1. The Outbreak (Intro)
2. Systematic Cunt Caving Frenzy
3. Cruel Acts Of Poser Punishment
4. Bile-Pus Junkie Invasion
5. Anal Grenade Instertion
6. Scavenging Human Skin
7. Female Liquidation for Thirst
8. Shredded Human Flesh Party
9. Making Pickles Of Anaroxic Infants In A Demijohn
10. Collection Of Ripped Limbs
11. Sleep Assault Killing Spree
12. Blunt Scissor Dismemberment

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