GWAR Frontman Weighs In On U.S. Presidential Election

Alex Distefano of OC Weekly recently conducted an interview with GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus. An excerpt from the chat follows below.

OC Weekly: With the U.S. presidential election just under a week away now, tell me your opinions on the candidates, or the election in general. Does GWAR support either candidate? Are you allowed to vote, considering the fact you are non-human. Also, will GWAR‘s live show have a political theme this time around, in honor of the election?

Oderus Urungus: I don’t know if I want to vote. But I will vote, with my bronze sword. I can tell you that both candidates will be put to death at our show, and we will sew them into one that has the worst policies of both. Where we come from, there is no voting. We settle all of our differences with gladiatorial combat. I am not really backing this whole political process. The only reason we have politicians on our planet, is so they can be crucified. Everything is solved through wars. No debates, no campaigns, no stickers no ballot boxes, and no White House. And the only poll is a huge long pole made of scalding hot red iron.

OC Weekly: Has GWAR ever been in any legal trouble, or been visited by the Secret Service for these “executions” on stage?’

Oderus Urungus: Absolutely not. They are way too concerned with overseas wars to worry about us. They have the policy to let GWAR do its business. Plus it’s not a big deal to them, since we use only medieval weapons. I think they think if they just ignore us we will go away, but we are not going anywhere.

Read the entire interview from OC Weekly.


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