GWAR: New Audio Interview With ODERUS URUNGUS

KSSU Loud Rock director Daniel Cordova recently conducted an interview with GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus. You can now stream the chat using the SoundCloud player below.

In a recent interview with Legendary Rock Interviews, Oderus Urungus stated about the progress of the songwriting sessions for the new GWAR album, “We’ve gotten going on that. We’ve got, like, 13 new songs written already and lyrics for around half of them and pretty much the whole concept of the album as well. We knew that it was gonna take a while, but we’ve finally concluded our search for a new guitar player [Pustulus Maximus]. It took a long time to find a guitar player who could fill the shoes of Flattus Maximus. It was just a tremendous task for us to do.

“As for the album, I think it’s a heavy album, a metal album. I think it goes back to all different elements of the band. Is it a complete return to songs like ‘Fish Fuck’ or ‘Fucking An Animal’? No. Does it have some of that same sense of humor? Yes… Does it rip as a metal record? Yes… most definitely. Is it afraid to be silly? No. Does it tell a story? Yes. Do I think GWAR fans are gonna love it? Yeah, because I think it’s the best album we’ve ever written. That’s what we set out to do and that’s the only thing you can do after going through a tragedy like losing a guitar player, a friend, a guy who was that important to your music. It’s do-or-die time with this band and that will be what happens with the next GWAR album. GWAR will always live forever but will GWAR always put out metal albums? A lot of that will be decided when we see how people react to our new record.”



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