GWAR To Play Edmonton Tomorrow Despite Guitarist’s Death

Rest in Peace Flattus.  He was a really sweet, down to earth guy and way too young to die. It’s so heartbreaking.

I honestly don’t blame the band one bit for going on with the show, and I wouldn’t give them any less respect for going on with the rest of the tour either. It has always been GWAR’s mentality in general to go on with the show, no matter what. Also, if you go and read a some of “Dave Brockie’s” interviews (not Oderus, but DAVE), he talks about how they’ve been working for so many years (27 now) and they don’t have health insurance, retirement funds, anything like that, and if anything bad ever would happen to the band, it wouldn’t be good…In the lightest of terms that I can paraphrase, they’d be pretty screwed, “pretty quick.”

That’s their way they make money. It’s just like a “real” job, in business terms… Most bands these days are like working class citizens, which so many people/fans in general do not realize; some are starting to see now though with many artists speaking out about it…. I think some people are finally starting to open their eyes that most bands are not rich, not even close, most are barely holding on, even the established ones. Many of the established bands say that if they had to quit today, they’d have to go back to working a regular 9-5 job because of no savings– many bands even have side jobs they work while they’re not touring! And with record sales being minimal, there really is no way to make money without touring if you’re in a band. Beerdiablo DeadKing both have points.
Say you are GWAR… Even while touring, you still have to spend the profits left over from the percentages that still go to your management, the venue, etc on what you made from merch, ticket sales, and whatnot. Then take the rest of the money, put that into advertising to fill the venues for the next shows, the production, stage props, and the daily tour bus cost, which can be an average of $1200+/day PLUS fill up the $300+ gas tank…
Some people may say them going on with the show is disrespectful to Flattus. But don’t judge on what you don’t know.
You don’t even know how much money each member has saved, if they have any at all! What if they CAN’T afford to cancel a show? Let alone the rest of the tour? What if they want to, but financially they can’t? You truly don’t know.

It’s absolutely horrible that Flattus passed away, he was so sweet and great, AND NO MATTER WHAT, you know GWAR will honor him. My respect for them have not gone down one bit because of going on with the show. If they still go ahead to go on with the rest of the tour, I still will respect them just as much.

Rest in Peace Flattus, you truly were amazing and too young to die. You will always be loved and missed!