HADES Guitarist Unable To Perform With Band At Germany’s HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR Festival

Dan Lorenzo, new editor of Steppin’ Out magazine and guitarist for HADES/NON-FICTION, has released the following statement:

“About two months ago, I informed HADES vocalist Alan Tecchio as well as [fellow HADES members] Tom Coombs, Ed Fuhrman, Scott LePage and Kevin Bolembach that I would not be able to honor my commitment to performing [with HADES on] July 28th at the Headbangers Open Air festival in Germany. The main reason? Time. Sure, I could find the time to fly over for a few days; that’s not really the problem. The main problem is the time it would take to me to ‘get up to speed’ to do the songs justice.

“I’ve always been the worst musician in HADES. Thrash is not my forté. If it were a NON-FICTION show, it would be much easier. They [the organizers of the Headbangers Open Air festival] want us to play songs from the first two [HADES] CDs. Those songs are tough to play. If my heart were into it, I’d have to work at least an hour or two a day for months to play the songs adequately.

“I know it’s not cool to break a commitment, but I felt like giving four months notice was sufficient.

“After I backed out, Ed and Tom did as well. Alan did not want to let down our fans and wanted to find some way of making good. He is still performing as ‘A Night Of Hades Music With Alan Tecchio’. I was hoping Scott would be able to do it, but time/distance from New Jersey make it impossible for him as well.

“I sincerely apologize to our fans, but I have to do what is in my heart. I’d prefer to spend my summer playing basketball and traveling with my wife during the one week our office is closed. Playing 25-year-old songs just isn’t where my head and heart is this year. I’m beyond happy just being ‘Dan from Steppin’ Out magazine.’

“I had a ridiculously great time performing with HADES two years ago at the Bang Your Head!!! festival [in Germany; see video below].

“I want to thank our fans and I hope they understand.”



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