HADES singer Alan Tecchio was joined by members of OVERKILL and SEVEN WITCHES for an appearance at this edition of the Headbangers Open Air festival, which took place July 26-28 in Brande-Hörnerkirchen, Germany. Their set was billed as “A Night Of Hades Music With Alan Tecchio Friends” and they exclusively played music from the first two HADES records. Fan-filmed video footage of the concert can be seen below.

Regarding how he chose the musicians to join him at the Headbangers Open Air concert, Tecchio previously said, “[When HADES guitarist] Dan Lorenzo decided not to play the show, no one else in the band wanted to do it without him since he is the band’s founder. I felt the same way initially. However, since the promoters had already been advertising us for over eight months, I felt an obligation to deliver on our promise to play. We finally came to an agreement that our set [would] be billed as ‘A Night Of Hades Music With Alan Tecchio Friends’ and we [would] exclusively play music from the first two HADES records.

“In all fairness, bassist Kevin Bolembach, who has been in HADES now for the past few years, [agreed to play] bass [at the show] and Ron Lipnicki from OVERKILL (who was also on one HADES CD — ‘DamNation’) [stepped in to play the] drums, so there is at least some related HADES history there for two of the players and myself.

“Personally, I hate it when I see a band and there is only one original member left so I came as close to getting former members as I could.

“On guitar, Jack Frost [SEVEN WITCHES, ex-SAVATAGE] immediately offered to help since I am in the early stages of writing a new SEVEN WITCHES CD with him anyway. He suggested his friend and bandmate in a local cover band, Sean Tarr, as the second guitarist. I checked out Sean at a gig and he really blew me away. So that took care of the axemen.”

Lorenzo issued a statement in May saying that he was pulling out of the Headbangers Open Air gig because it would have required of him “to work at least an hour or two a day for months to play the songs adequately.” He added, “Playing 25-year-old songs just isn’t where my head and heart is this year.”


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