HADES Singer To Be Joined By OVERKILL, SEVEN WITCHES Members For German Festival Appearance

HADES singer Alan Tecchio has released the following statement regarding the band’s previously announced appearance at this year’s edition of the Headbangers Open Air festival, set to take place July 26-28 in Brande-Hörnerkirchen, Germany:

“I just wanted to clear the air on the upcoming HADES gig at the Headbangers Open Air festival in Germany. Get it — clear the ‘air’… LOL.

“Anyway, unfortunately, [HADES guitarist] Dan Lorenzo decided not to play the show and no one else in the band wanted to do it without him since he is the band’s founder. I felt the same way initially. However, since the promoters had already been advertising us for over eight months, I felt an obligation to deliver on our promise to play. We finally came to an agreement that our set will be billed as ‘A Night Of Hades Music With Alan Tecchio Friends’ and we will exclusively play music from the first two HADES records.

“In all fairness, bassist Kevin Bolembach, who has been in HADES now for the past few years, will be on bass and Ron Lipnicki from OVERKILL (who was also on one HADES CD — ‘DamNation’) will be on drums, so there is at least some related HADES history there for two of the players and myself.

“Personally, I hate it when I see a band and there is only one original member left so I came as close to getting former members as I could.

“On guitar, Jack Frost [SEVEN WITCHES, ex-SAVATAGE] immediately offered to help since I am in the early stages of writing a new SEVEN WITCHES CD with him anyway. He suggested his friend and bandmate in a local cover band, Sean Tarr, as the second guitarist. I checked out Sean at a gig and he really blew me away. So that took care of the axemen.

“We have not started rehearsals yet so I cannot say how we sound at this point, but I am confident we will be able to pull the gig off.

“Hopefully the fans will now understand the story behind this strange lineup.”

Lorenzo issued a statement earlier in the month saying that he was pulling out of the Headbangers Open Air gig because it would have required of him “to work at least an hour or two a day for months to play the songs adequately.” He added, “Playing 25-year-old songs just isn’t where my head and heart is this year.”