Halestorm Interview and new EP!

Atlantic Records recording group Halestorm has unveiled their upcoming new EP!  “ReAniMate: The CoVeRs eP” will arrive at LoudTrax.com on March 22nd.  Physical CD versions of the EP will be available exclusively at www.halestormrocks.com and at Halestorm’s live shows.

“ReAniMate: The CoVeRs eP” sees Halestorm putting their unique stamp on a diverse collection of classic songs, including tracks by Guns N’ Roses, The Beatles, Heart, Temple Of The Dog, Skid Row, and Lady Gaga.

Acclaimed as one of modern hard rock’s most explosive live acts, Halestorm was by frontwoman Lzzy Hale and her brother, drummer Arejay Hale, when they were just 13 and 10 years old (respectively). Halestorm has made its bones as a major league hard rock outfit via countless North American gigs alongside such like-minded artists as Shinedown, Seether, Flyleaf, and Trapt.

LoudTrax.com caught up with the members of Halestorm and had a chat about their EP of covers.  See the interview below!

Download the EP Here for $5.74.  View the Halestorm artist page Here .


LoudTrax.com:  Tell us about the new release, what spawned it and the song
selection process.

Halestorm:  We decided to do a cover Ep because we knew this album cycle was winding
down and we wanted to have some music to keep all of our awesome fans
entertained while we are working on our new album. The song selection
was fun. We put together a HUGE list of songs that we would enjoy
covering and started narrowing it down from there. We also had a poll on
our website where fans could choose which song they wanted, thats how
the Lady GaGa ‘Bad Romance’ song got selected.

LoudTrax.com:  Sounds like you guys had fun with these songs.  Any plans to play
any of them live?

Halestorm:  We had such a blast recording this. We did a song a day. It was a great
relaxed experience. We are definitely playing some of them live. Come
out to the Avalanche tour this spring to hear some.

LoudTrax.com:  Are there any songs that you particularly wanted to cover but did
not get the ok from the rest of the band?

Halestorm:  Each of us had our favorites that didn’t make it. There was some
Metallica and Aerosmith songs that we might have to do on another cover
EP sometime in the future. A sequel maybe. ReAniMate Part Deux.

LoudTrax.com:  When I heard the EP, it just re-affirms the notion that a good
melody goes a long way, regardless of the style of music, arrangement, etc….  It seems some mainstream music today is written first with the sounds and style in place, and melody comes later.

Halestorm:  Definitely. A great melody shines through just about anything.

LoudTrax.com:  Your own songs have strong melodies in place – describe your general
writing process.

Halestorm:  There are so many ways to skin the songwriting cat. Most of the time it
starts with Lzzy, then she brings it to the rest of us. Songs have been
written by us in a room jamming. We have worked with other songwriters.
Sometimes it starts with a guitar riff or a cool drum beat. Once we have
the foundation we start the demo process. That way we can hear what it
sounds like through speakers and start tweaking every part.

LoudTrax.com:    Are there any of your songs that you would get a kick of hearing
another band cover?  What song, what artist?

Halestorm:  Yes, that would be awesome! Wouldn’t it be great if Justin Beiber
covered ‘I Get Off”?!?!
We have seen a bunch of our songs covered by people who put videos up on
YouTube. Its awesome. Its a great feeling to know that other people are
dissecting your music and expressing themselves through it. I would love
to hear a country version of ‘Better Sorry Than Safe’. It would be cool
to hear Alice in Chains or Pearl Jam do up one of our rock songs. I
don’t even care which one.

LoudTrax.com:  You are touring a lot these days.  Have there been any writing
sessions for new material.

Halestorm:  We have been writing our butts off. We have a whole bunch of new songs
written. We even went to LA on a break and recorded two brand new songs.
They will probably be for the new record. We’re getting close to
recording the rest. Maybe after the Avalanche tour….


Thanks to Krista at Warner for hooking up this interivew.