HALESTORM Singer Wants To Record More Cover Songs

According to The Pulse Of Radio, HALESTORM is currently prepping its second album for release, but singer and guitarist Lzzy Hale says she’d love to do a sequel to the band’s covers EP released earlier this year, titled “ReAnimate”. Asked by Loudwire about doing a follow-up, Halereplied, “Absolutely . . . It’s fun for us and you have no idea how much you learn as a musician and as a singer and songwriter by learning somebody else’s material and having to own it and make it your own; it’s really like homework. You come out on the other side better for some reason, as a better musician so we definitely want to do it again.”

Hale gave The Pulse Of Radio a few other reasons why so many bands enjoy playing cover songs. “It’s a reminiscent thing of when you’re trying to make it and coming up in the club scene and also maybe it’s kind of nostalgic, like when you’re first learning how to play guitar, some of the songs that you used to jam to with your bandmates, and it’s really cool,” she said.

HALESTORM‘s “ReAnimate” EP featured covers of songs by SKID ROW, GUNS N’ ROSES, LADY GAGA and THE BEATLES. Hale told Loudwire that the band had 50 songs it could have covered for the six-song EP.

The singer added, “The EPs are little one night stands, they’re fun and you just put it out there and you see what happens and nobody really cares. (laughs) ‘You wanna do a WHAM song, sure let’s do it,’ so you’ll definitely see more of that coming from us.”

HALESTORM has some gigs on tap throughout the month of December, but the band is mainly gearing up to issue its sophomore album sometime in early 2012.

Hale recently told The Saginaw News that she has a secret dream to form a female supergroup — a modern version of the cult ’70s band THE RUNAWAYS — with SICK PUPPIES bassist Emma Anzai, SKILLET keyboardist Korey Cooper and drummer Jen Ledger, and ALICE COOPER guitarist Orianthi. She explained, “We secretly talk about it when we hang out. But the truth is that here we are, women in rock, and most of our influences come from our parents’ generation.”

Video footage of HALESTORM performing a cover version of the classic SKID ROW song “Slave To The Grind” on May 13, 2011 at the Vault in Sioux Falls, South Dakota can be seen below.


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