Halford guitarist METAL MIKE CHLASCIAK To Release This River Shall Burn eBook


Guitarist Metal Mike Chlasciak (HALFORD/PAINMUSEUM) is currently preparing the release of This River Shall Burn – an introspective, dark, tormented, but often beautiful collection of lyrics and ideas set into an eBook format.

Return To The Arms Of My Bleeding Garden’, ‘The Poison Embraces’, ‘I Am The Earth’ and ‘Stale Water’s Up My Neck’ are some of the eBook’s included titles.

This River Shall Burn will be available this summer through Apple iBookstore (for iPad), Amazon (for Kindle), Barnes Noble (for Nook) and Reader Store (for SonyReader).

Asked about eBook, Mike commented, “This book has started to take shape sometime in 1996. It had other working names. I worked on it and then left it alone for a few years. Recently, I was inspired to read through it and live with the ideas for a few weeks. I wanted to see if it still resonates. And, the ideas were very still very good, I thought, and so I worked on it looking to complete it and you know, somewhat finally close that chapter. I took the stuff that did not blow me away out and added some new ideas in. It was not easy to live through it all, once again, but being at the other side now – I am proud that I have spent the time completing it.

“Time moves on and we become different people. Sometimes the future in front of us only allows us to enter when we let go.

“This project has been a pure labor of love for me. I consider it a success just to have it completed and available. I hope that some brave hearts out there will also enjoy it as well.”

Mike has previously written two metal guitar instructional books, Ridiculous Riffs For The Terrifying Guitarist and Monster Coordination – Guitar Boot Camp. He currently writes the Metal For Life column for Guitar World Magazine.