Finnish dark metal act HANGING GARDEN has inked a deal with Lifeforce Records. The band’s third album, “At Every Door”, will be released in January 2013. The drums for the CD were recorded last November at Spleen studio. The mixing and mastering were completed almost a year later.

Commented Lifeforce owner Stefan Lüdicke: “Wait, another Finnish band on Lifeforce Records!? Well, yeah… what should I say… it just came together, HANGING GARDEN could have been from any other part of the world, at the end it was the music that convinced me 300%!!”

He added, “I’m in touch with Jussi Hämäläinen [guitar, vocals] and Jussi forwarded me some rough mixes of their new tracks, which totally blew me away already… by the time he sent me the full album, I was sold! It combines so many influences ranging from CULT OF LUNA to SISTERS OF MERCY, SIGUR ROS to DARK TRANQUILLITY in such a great way I simply couldn’t resist!”


Jussi Kirves – Bass
Jussi Hämäläinen – Guitar, Vocals
Mikko Kolari – Guitar
Antti Ruokola – Drums
Toni Toivonen – Vocals
Nino Hynninen – Keyboards


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